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You Become What You Eat

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We organized the “You Become What You Eat” sustainable food consumption campaign together with the Open Garden Foundation. The most important aim of the campaign was to promote local, seasonal and organic food, and to raise awareness about its importance in the town of Gödöllő and the surrounding region.

The campaign consisted of various elements: articles in local papers, a publication, a website, a competition and a local festival with local producers invited.

More information about this project is available in Hungarian at


Most important news

Green Lifestyle: everyone does it differently, but how? is the topic of the roundtable or discussion series that started in April within the framework of the Gödöllő Climate Club.

Each time a different topic is in the focus of the discussion to which we invite local guests from Gödöllő. After a roundtable discussion the audience can join the debate. Our purpose is to encourage everyone to share their experiences or opinions as well as to strengthen the 'green' community in the town.