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Large Family – Small Footprint

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As a result of a partnership betweeen the GreenDependent Association and the National Association of Large Families the “Large Family – Small Footprint” project started on 1st May in 2010. The total budget of the project was 34 400 000 HUF and it lasted for 12 months.

The overall aim of the project was to improve the climate and energy awareness of Hungarian large families and to popularize and promote low-carbon lifestyles.

The homepage of the project (in Hungarian) can be found at:

The project was funded by the European Commission and the European Regional Development Fund.

A presentation about the project (in English, presented at the SPREAD launch conference) is available here.


Most important news

GreenDependent Association (GDA), the sister organisation of GreenDependent Institute has been planting native fruit trees for 10 years to offset carbon footprint of events, including the events of GreenDependent Institute (e.g. trainings, opening and closing events, workshops) and the events of other organisations and companies as well.

Fortunately, there seems to be a rising interest towards this climate-friendly activity. More and more organisations are taking responsibility to reduce their carbon emissions and offset their own carbon footprint. Therefore, as much as 500 native fruit trees will be planted this spring with the assistance of GDA! Most of the trees will be planted by households participating in the ENERGISE programme, by students in schools' orchards, and by participants of the E.ON EnergyNeighbourhoods Programme. For the first time, an energy company called ALTEO will actively participate in the planning; some of their colleagues will plant 28 trees together with students in some schools' garden.

If you are interested in learning and reduce your carbon footprint, please contact us: