GreenDependent joined the 'Earth Overshoot Day' campaign of Global Footprint Network

Monday, 31 July 2017 09:59

overshoot dayThe Earth Overshoot Day, the day we used this year’s natural resources that can be produced in a sustainable way, fell on 2 August in 2017.

Global Footprint Network launched a campaign called #movethedate to reverse the negative trend of overusing natural resources. Among others, GreenDependent Association also joined this campaign. The organisers invite conscious cosmopolitans to take at least one among the pledges available on the campaign's website and reduce their own ecological footprint.

For some motivation there are warning infographics about (1) how many countries would be needed to fulfil the demand of certain countries' citizens, and (2) how many Earth do we need if the world's population lived like certain countries.



Last Updated on Monday, 31 July 2017 10:33